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Established over six years ago, the Inova Solutions team continues to excel in offering payment solutions. Montreal-based, we are a Canadian company with the well-being of our local enterprises at heart. Inova Solutions is not only listening to the needs of the merchants, but we also aim to surpass their expectations. We commit to offering all our present and future partners peace of mind and the most profitable rates for all their payment solutions.

Time for innovation has come! Grab this great opportunity today and let our team lighten your monthly payments with our expertise. Our human approach and our unparalleled courtesy will allow you to find satisfaction and peace of mind. Benefit from our promotional groups and innovate rapidly your payment solutions with Inova Solutions.

Much more than payment solutions !

Fast and sustainable savings

Choosing Inova Solutions as a partner will guarantee that you have the control on your costs. Also, our agents are amongst the most competent in the industry and it will be their pleasure to direct you easily and rapidly towards the solutions that fit your needs.

Human approach

Inova Solutions offers a service soliciting many experienced agents that were trained with our extensive customer service policies. Also, the art of welcoming and listening to our partners plays a major role in our daily practices. It’s the reason why each of your inquiries and questions are treated with the utmost professionalism.

Travel together towards excellence

Your success is our success! we want to have a transparent and pleasant business relationship with all our clients to build a long-lasting partnership together. Inova Solutions aims to always be ahead of the latest technology on the market. We want to see each and every one of our partners raise through the innovations of our diverse services offered. Take advantage today of our personalized packages that guarantee the lowest rates and a state-of-the-art service.

Great news!

Inova Solutions developed a brand new Inova point system. How does it work? The merchant can accumulate thousands of Inova points while saving on their monthly invoice. This point system will be accessible to every Inova partners. This two-in-one service will revolutionize your perspective on what real savings means.

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